Personal Injury

Personal Injury – Dr. Joanne Kelly-Keogh

Assessment of changes in personality and behaviour resulting from experiencing a traumatic incident.  Personal Injury assessments are conducted with those who have been traumatised through crime, accident, or unfair treatment by others. A personal injury assessment evaluates the level of personal harm that a person has suffered as a result of the event in question. This is generally defined as the emotional, physical, and financial impact of the experience on the individual. Personal Injury assessments aim to explore the effect of the negative experience on all domains of the person’s life, including emotional, cognitive, social, professional, and family life. Psychodiagnostic aspects are also included in the assessments. Assessments are conducted via clinical interviews, psychometric assessment, review of relevant documentation (ie medical reports, evidence of loss of income, Garda statements etc.), collateral interviews etc

 Referrals include:

Post traumatic stress disorder

Injury affecting mental health

Discrimination/bullying/harassment litigation

Victim impact assessments to include child sexual abuse

Fitness to work

Safety at work

Road accidents

Head injury